Colic Surgery Forgiveness Benefit


At Brandon Equine Medical Center, we have always been heart broken and frustrated when horses that we could potentially save do not get that chance because colic surgery is not a financial possibility. Equine insurance is a great option for some horse owners, but many horses are uninsurable for colic surgery coverage due to their age, pre-existing conditions or that the insurance company just doesn't recognize a high enough dollar value for them. We wanted to find a way to make it affordable for horse owners to have that financial security net and at the same time promote excellent wellness care. After much thought, research, and more thought, we developed Brandon Equine's Colic Surgery Forgiveness Benefitâ„¢ (CSFB) plan. Horse owners can join our CSFB plan and rest assured that their horse will be provided with up to $8,000 of colic surgery at Brandon Equine Medical Center* for as little as $20.00 a month.



There are no age restrictions, restrictions due to pre-existing conditions and no restrictions based on the "value" of the horse. There are two price points: $240 a year for members of our Individual Wellness Plan (IWP) and $375 a year for non-IWP members. You don't have to be a client of Brandon Equine, but you do have to work with your equine veterinarian to meet the CSFB plan's wellness and identification requirements.

*There are a few guidelines, which are provided by clicking the documents listed below:
For IWP Members:
IWP CSFB Plan Details

For non-IWP Members'
CSFB Plan Details
CSFB Record of Health