Dental Divison for Horses



Brandon Equine Medical Center offers dentistry services at the clinic or on your farm. Our veterinarians have completed extensive dentistry training during their veterinary educations with regards to the anatomy and physiology of the equine mouth, and equine dental procedures. Following their education, they have completed countless dental procedures of all types. We also utilize a custom built 28ft trailer that is fully equipped to handle all ambulatory services, including dentistry, in safety and in air-conditioned comfort.

Horse Dentistry in Brandon

Dental care is an important part of the complete health picture of your horse and contributes to healthy digestion, body condition and performance. It is very important to have a thorough oral exam on your horse twice a year because horses have hypsodont teeth. Hypsodont teeth continue to erupt (or grow) throughout a horse's life. For this reason we recommend horses receive dental exams and care twice a year.

Send your dentistry inquiries to or call
813-643-7177 to schedule an appointment.  You may also request an appointment by completing our online appointment request form.

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Dental Care Protocol for Horses

Know the Dental Problem Warning Signs!

Rostral Hooks

Incisor Alignment


Enamel Hypoplasia