Internal Medicine


Brandon Equine Medical Center’s medicine section prides itself on individualized and pragmatic care for every patient we work with. The availability of diagnostic tools such as digital radiography and ultrasound, endoscopy, and an in-house laboratory, in combination with the expertise of our clinicians doing advance procedures, makes us well equipped to handle a wide variety of complex medical conditions.

Many people inquire about the different cases that internal medicine specialists (often called “internists”) have experience treating and consulting on. These can include, but are not limited to:

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Equine Asthma (RAO/Heaves, Inflammatory Airway Disease)

Infectious Respiratory Disease

Chronic Colic/Diarrhea and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Infectious Diarrhea

Neurologic Disease

Nutritional Consultations

High-Risk Pregnancy, Neonatology, and Foal Wellness

Endocrine Disease (Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing’s Disease) and Laminitis

Geriatric Health and Wellness

Renal and Urinary Tract Disease

Liver Disease

Cardiac Disease

Poor Performance and Muscle Conditions

Neoplasia (Cancer)