Diagnostic Imaging


Types of diagnostic imaging offered:


The needlescope is a tool used for standing, diagnostic arthroscopy in the horse. It is an extremely valuable tool for cases where radiographs and ultrasound are not conclusive. The procedure is used for early detection of joint problems of the stifle, such as meniscal tears and lesions; cartilage damage; cruciate ligament tears; floating joint fragments; and subchondral bone cysts. Because of the scope’s extremely small size (1.2mm needle), general anesthesia is not required, and the procedure is done on an outpatient basis in the standing, sedated horse using local anesthesia.

A diagnosis using the needlescope may allow for early intervention with shortened rehabilitation times, leading to better patient outcomes. It helps identify those horses that are candidates for a therapeutic standard arthroscopic procedure done under general anesthesia. For more information on whether this diagnostic tool is right for your horse, contact our office or email us at info@brandoneqine.com.


Digital Radiology

Brandon Equine Medical Center has both conventional (films) and digital radiography available to our clients. The large, conventional radiography unit allows imaging of more dense structures, such as the pelvis and abdomen. Brandon Equine was one of the first equine hospitals in Florida to acquire a digital radiography unit. This unit, made by Eklin Medical Systems®, produces images immediately and provides finer detail of bone structures than most conventional radiographs. Using digital downloading, images can be put on a CD or emailed to the referring veterinarian.


Digital Ultrasound

Recently, digital ultrasonography has been made available to the equine community and has advanced our ability to accurately diagnose sports medicine-related injuries. Brandon Equine Medical Center has the state-of-the-art Philips® HD 11 Digital Ultrasound unit. This machine provides improved detail of all the structures imaged. Video and Doppler ultrasound can also be done with this unit. Brandon Equine’s specialists use the ultrasound to image musculoskeletal structures including tendons, ligaments, joints, and bone, as well as the abdomen and thorax. These images can also be put on a CD or emailed to the referring veterinarian. 


Brandon Equine Medical Center also provides videoendoscopy with our Fujinon® units. Evaluations can be done of both the upper airway using our one-meter endoscope and the stomach with the three-meter gastroscope. Gastroscopy is most commonly performed for the definitive diagnosis of gastric ulcers and is best done after the horse has fasted for a designated period of time so that the stomach is completely empty. The office will provide the preparation protocol for the procedure at the time the appointment is made.

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